What is Internal Linking ?

What is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is where you can take a website page and link it to another part of your website.  This can be done within the website copy text itself using a keywords as the anchor text, in the site navigation or even in supplementary content.

Why might we create Internal links?

Internal linking firstly helps us spread the flow of ‘Link Power’ throughout the website.

For example, if the Root Domain (i.e nickpower.com) has a certain level of authority or Link Power, we can help the power flow to certain areas of a website, putting emphasis on sections and keywords.

Using keywords as anchor text

But remember, these keywords (internal links) should not be stuffed and placing links to other parts of your website should act as a helpful reference for website visitors.

‘Link Power’ or authority of a website is commonly known to trickle down (a little like water poured at the top of a stack of wine glasses) through the site as it navigates deeper. It is a great tool to use if you are launching new pages.

And to ensure the deeper pages get the attention they deserve, we need to provide clear paths using focus keywords that we want to promote.

One technique is to set a habit of hyperlinking keywords when they are mentioned in the text. and you happen to have a destination page on your blog/site that you think will help give extra explanation to the context.

A real quick example of internal linking

One last point, defining phrases with internal linking can help you rank for popular searches.

For example.  I sell Acme Headphones.  The product is popular amongst eCommerce sites and I’ve realised that people search for the specifications so that they can compare them with other products.  So to capatalise on ‘acme headphones specifications‘, I decide to update my internal links in the site navigation.

  • Headphones & Earphones
    • Over-ear and on-ear headphones
      • ACME Headphones
        • Prices
    • Kids headphones
    • Noise cancelling headphones
    • Studio Headphoones

I might decide to change this to be:

  • Headphones & Earphones
    • Over-ear and on-ear headphones
      • ACME Headphones
        • ACME Headphone Specifications
        • ACME Headphone Comparison
        • ACME Headphone Reviews
        • ACME Headphone Prices
    • Kids headphones
    • Noise cancelling headphones
    • Studio Headphoones

Now I’m giving the site a fighting chance to rank for high volume generics.  Remember, that the URL structures and formats have to match too 😉

In an example copy text, we can also add links like to a post:

Looking for some gift ideas for your boyfriend?  We’ve got an idea for you …

This week, just in, the all New Eagerly anticipated ACME Headphones (link).  Crystal sound quality and compatible with pretty much every single music device on the planet, you can’t go wrong – order today (link to order page), quick and easy.

Still not sure ? Check out the ACME Headphone Reviews to see what others think!

‘gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner’ is also a common search term and could also be linked to a product category landing page displaying content and products featured as gifts for a partner.

I hope this post has given you the inspiration to begin to improve your internal link building!


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