eCommerce SCALE & EXPAND

I believe this phase of development can be closely related to optimisation or simply go hand in hand. But in some cases, it can be a good idea to refine a good model for eCommerce before rolling it out to new markets or customer segments for example. Another example of scaling can be paying for media campaigns, it would not be a good idea to pay for traffic when we can see that there is too much friction in the sales funnel, so we need to ensure optimisation is ready and we can start to look to expand the reach for traffic or campaign to improve the adoption amongst B2B buyers. To put it bluntly, we’d be slamming traffic into a brick wall if we are not prepared.

Scaling e-commerce into new markets is the headless opportunity and what I love about e-commerce the most. But what is essential is to be systematic where possible, with little exceptions as possible. Exceptions are extremely expensive to maintain in eCommerce. So it is best to strive for having a replicable model of eCommerce to scale out. It should not be too unreasonable to change the business to suit the systematic model, but there are always exceptions influenced by factors we cannot affect (GDPR, legal, obligations, etc).

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