How to get a free bicycle in Helsinki

Yes, it’s possible to get a free bike in Finland, you just need to keep your eyes and ears open…

For example, check out my free bike… it’s my battle cruiser, ain’t she a beauty??

Well, I found this bike out of a container in Kallio.  It didn’t cost me a penny and I didn’t do anything illegal to acquire this bike.  Admittedly, it’s a lady’s bicycle but it’s hipster to ride any old bike around town – so who cares! It works fine and I made some improvements to it out of my own choice and it’s good as new.

Anyway,   start your find for a free bicycle in Helsinki by logging onto Facebook and joining the Container group.  Occassionally there are organised cleaning periods made by housing companies to remove unwanted and old bikes.  They appear on this page occasionally and if you are sharp you’ll be able to get along to a container and choose a bike for free!

Good Luck!!

Free Bikes and Bicycle in Helsinki, Finland

Trying Mämmi for the first time

So I’ve been bracing for this moment, trying Mämmi for the first time, my girlfriend tells me it will change my life.

I’m bracing for the moment, it has just been handed to me and it’s staring at me, so here goes….

Mämmi with Cream. Finnish tradition!
A bowl of Mämmi with some Ice cream. A Finnish tradition.

So…. my verdict, it’s very good!!! Try yourself. Good Finnish tradition, warm Mämmi on cold ice cream.  Looks like somebody did something brown and nasty to your desert, but don’t think of it like that- honestly!