About me

Hi! And welcome to my blog! With my blog I aim to provide the following:

  • Experienced remarks on trivial problems in eCommerce, Coding, Concepting, Analytics and Digital marketing.
  • Some DIY posts, resting the brain and working with the hands.
  • An introduction to the way I work, think and do within a professional context.
  • Not forgetting, some random posts about life in Finland!

How I got into computing… 

Beginning my programming and internet career at just 11 years old, when my father brought home an unwanted Amstrad computer. I started out writing command line procedures and games in BASIC before moving onto Visual Basic and the Web. Since then, I’ve been hooked on computing and when I discovered the internet, I was a ‘junky’ and I’ve been modulating and de-modulating since the earlier days.

Q: Do you speak Finnish?
A: Yes!  Well, I try to!  I studied Finnish language part-time for 2,5 years and passed B1 (Jyväskylän yliopisto yleinen kielitutkinto) level Finnish in 2018.

Q: Have you tried mämmi?
A: Yes! And it’s great, despite it’s looks! I also like salmiaki too.

Favourite things about Finland… Clean air,  Sauna, Honest people, Nature everywhere, the list goes on … 🙂

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