About Nick Power

Well, when there’s time between family and work life, some blogs posts get written .. I enjoy writing about:

  • Trivial problems in Strategy, eCommerce, Coding, Concepting, Analytics and Digital marketing.
  • Solution orientated DIY projects
  • An introduction to the way I work, think and do within a professional context.

Extensive track record digital commerce experience (17+ years). I value customer & employee centrism, Agile way of working both in a business and technical world. Developing services lean, and constructing powerful digital commerce solutions that provide agressive sales growth, platform adoption by customers, business & customer experience excellence. It all started for me in the 90s, where I began being creative with code and internet pages, the rest is history!

As a leader in the eCommerce field, I enjoy putting my team before myself as it’s extremely rewarding to see people succeed and the solution we develop together reach the ambitions we strive for. I am highly motivated by results too, together we build strategies that utilise pillars that put core eCommerce challenges & opportunities into perspective. Priority is assigned to the actions which drive higher impact with lower effort.

Online Sales & Growth • Customer Experience • User Experience and Web Design • Employee experience • Agile • Lean Service Design • Customer centrism • Digital Services

Right now, the tailwind of the pandemic and charged digital transformation brings new opportunities and challenges to digital business every day and with no sign of millennial spending slowing down anytime soon (millennials fast making up the majority of B2B and B2C spending in businesses), it’s critical that businesses incorporate new and updated processes to support new business digital business opportunities and the customer experience expected.

I’m not afraid of volatility in the world and change in our networks, volatility churns new opportunity and change keeps us on our toes and ahead of the competition.

I am always interested to network with other eCommerce experts for a chat on specific topics and networking, so please do reach out.

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